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Need for Mammographies

The Need for our Mobile Mammographies and our Education Programs

Low Cost, Practical and Safe Mammography Solutions in PA, NJ, MD, WV, DE

Mobile mammography is a low cost, practical and safe way to screen and diagnose breast conditions and diseases for women who cannot or don't want to go to an office for reasons that could range from their own prefferences or medical needs to an opportunitiy ta have a sponsored mammogram for free.

Lakawanna Mobile Mammography

Due to the mobile nature and convenience of these exams, we believe the mobile mammographies could be effective and highly available screenings in the fight against breast cancer. Please see below who might need our mobile mammography services, and find out more about the payment options:

  • Patients or residents confined to bed or with limited ability to move or to walk
  • Senior women with declining overall physical or mental health
  • Disabled women in various Institutions or at home
  • Women in Home Care, Long Term Care, etc.
  • Women in Prisons or otherwise not free
  • Autopsy X-Ray imaging ordered for the Deceased, and Forensic x-rays / Forensic mammographies
  • Uninsured Women in Underserved Communities, Community Outreach Programs
  • Women at their Work Place participating in Breast Cancer Screenings
  • Private Healthy Women and Families in their own residences
  • Women and Groups interested in Community Breast Cancer Awarness and Education Programs

With decades of experience, board certified technologists and all the approvals in place, our mobile mammography company can be your reliable partner for years to come.


Every woman who is medically eligible should have her breasts checked even if she has no symptoms, more so if something is wrong. We are very careful to examine only medically eligible patients and we recommend the best course of action to women who are pregnant or are breast-feeding, who have breast implants or a history or breast cancer, or who are experiencing any signs or symptoms of breast cancer.

Mammograms are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. For your convenience we apply direct billing to your insurance company, or the patient can pay at the time of service with cash, credit card or a check. Medical facilities, nursing homes, sponsored events, etc, could have other payment arrangements, and significant discounts are available based on the number of people who need to be tested.

Our mobile mammography vans are accredited by the Food and Drug Administration.


FDA Approved - HIPAA Compliant - Board Certified - High Quality Mammograms

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Women & the Mobile Mammogram - Early Detection Saves Lives

lakawanna_interior2Breast cancer is the disease many women fear the most, and early detection and treatment can dramatically improve a woman's chances of survival. Our mobile medical services help your facility in early detection measures. If detected early - and mammography is the best way to do that - the five-year survival rate for patients is more than 90 percent. Furthermore, studies are showing that the use of mammography may reduce the overall breast cancer deaths by 30%. In addition to mobile mammography, patients will also receive educational materials addressing breast cancer screeningOur technicians will take the time to fully explain the procedures, prevention techniques, and answer any questions.

Responsiveness & Reliability in Diagnostic Mammography

We use our own in-house board-certified, registered radiologic technologists, and engage local physicians for exam interpretation. This makes it possible for us to provide written results mailed  to your physician and records are kept for annual comparisons.

Our mobile diagnostic mammography services are performed promptly, on demand. Using advanced technology and efficient planning  we can offer the fastest, most reliable response rate in the industry.

Thank you for visiting us. Our board-certified, registered radiology technologists and support staff are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty. You can truly count on our commitment to excellence.


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