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We can take any medical x-ray film or any medical film in general, and convert it to a medical grade digital image on a CD.

Our X-Ray Digitization Service consists of ultra high quality x-ray film scanning, followed by the conversion of the x-ray scans into flawless digital files in DICOM format.  Digital files are extremely versatile and portable.  Digital x-ray conversion, and Digital x-ray imaging make it possible for large volumes of x ray scans to be archived securely, yet to be instantly available when needed.

X-ray to CD digitizations provide not only easy storage and access, but also piece of mind in knowing that the x-ray films will not be bent or water damaged.  Because X-ray films are quite bulky and need to be kept in a neutral climate with low humidity and no direct sunlight, the X-ray CD alternative is a safer, cheaper, and altogether a better alternative to storing traditional x-ray film. 

We provide x-ray scans, CTS, MRI, CAT scans and  x-ray to CD copy services for hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, dental facilities, attorneys, legal services, insurance companies, and patients.  Using our advanced x-ray film scanning and digital xray conversion (film to CD conversion) equipment, medical facilities can save thousands of dollars in storing, distributing, and processing of x-ray imaging.

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