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With our state of the art equipment and software, we are able to convert any medical x-ray film or any medical film in general, such as Cat Scans, MRI, Petscans, Utrasound Images, Mammograms, Nuclear Medicine Images to a medical grade digital image on an x-ray CD. 

Furthermore, we can take any X-Rays from CDs and print them on X-Ray film or as photos. X-rays can be printed on their original size film or the size of your choice.  X-ray printing can be done from digital files in formats like JPG, TIF, DICOM, PDF. Options include: grayscale & color prints, black & white positive prints, X-ray CD back to film, mounted trial exhibits, lamination of trial exhibits, x-ray reductions, x-ray enlargements, etc.

serv-boneWe provide X-Ray copying / digitizing services to hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, various medical facilities, attorneys, legal services, private patients, insurance companies and any other interested parties. For attorneys and legal service offices in particular, we provide x-ray prints and other litigation support services in personal injury, medical malpractice, and workers compensation cases. Our expertise can be key in case preparation, jury trials, depositions, mediations, and settlement disputes. Our experience with x-ray scanning and digital x-ray conversions, allows us great flexibility in providing clients with custom work in support of any trial presentations. For instance, we can blow up specific areas on an x-ray image, print a film of that area, or save the respective area as a computer file.

 To cut costs, many hospitals have gone digital and they are now processing their patients x-ray images on computer CDs.  As a result, organizations and patients who need hard copies of their xray face a real problem.  This is where our x-ray pictures or x-ray photos come in.  Your X-ray films are copied and we produce a hard copy replica of the original x-ray film.

With same-day turnaround time, we ship anywhere in the world. US customers can choose overnight and 2-Day Air in addition to standard ground services. For international customers we will work hard to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective method of shipping to your specific destination.

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